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williams will bring us updates from there. and in chicago today volunteers supporting the president worked the phones calling people in swing states. president obama campaigned in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. ktvu's 10-p is there and -- ken pritchett is there and will bring us the latest. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. we will have a team of people tracking results. stay with us on air and on live throughout the night. >>> it was a dramatic rescue that took three hours. crews worked to free two children trapped inside a capsized boat in tomales bay. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where she says family refused to leave the boat. >> reporter: a father refused to leave behind his two trapped children. >> reporter: he showed thus video taken during sunday's rescue. >> the waves are going to hit the boat pretty hard. it has been knocking the father off the boat. >> reporter: he convinced the father to come with her leaving behind his children. >> with him struggling with me and trying to calm him down. >> reporter: this part of the rescue was over. a toddler, parent, and teen
and wheelchair floors. this floor offers him a view of his past. >> see that there? i used to sleep under the freeway there. that's why i would like to have this room. >> reporter: veterans pay a third of their income for rent. the rest is subsidized by the department of housing and urban development. >> they are on lists through the veterans' administration. they are part of that homeless group whether or not are unable to get their feet on the ground and need affordable housing. >> reporter: for jesse lee it is a place for him to stay grounded as he continues his recovery. >> i have a sense of security now. i know where i am sleeping at. i have a place here. and i love it. >> reporter: an upcoming report is expected to show that there are 15,000 fewer homeless veterans than three years ago. part of a national push to end homelessness among vets by the year 2015. reporting live in san francisco, david stephenson. >>> and coming up at 6:15. a look at the republic -- remembrance for veterans that gave their live in service. >>> news chop err 2 is over highway 4 in antioch. a truck and car
told us a psychiatrist diginosed him as a paranoid -- diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. >> i know he has a fixed delusion about the battle between good and evil. >> the defense still needs a second opinion for which one goh asked for an interpreter. >> made him unable to cooperate and assist me as counsel. >> reporter: he says it is obvious one goh is gaining the system. according to had defense the fact he speaks english is an indication of just how sick he is. >> talks to his lawyer in english. >> reporter: an for instructor at oikos university says if he is found incompetent then justice will not be served and that will be a bitter pill for this campus to swallow. on tuesday they will hold a memorial service to remember and honor the 7 lives lost. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the six oikos university students and employee whose were killed. a school secretary, a young woman working towards her nussing degree and a janitor who took -- nursing degree and a janitor who took class there. >>> in the last hour we learned a boy who was shot
santa gap. the gap between storms will be helpful as we go through the next 24 hours. it will give us a chance to dry out as the next significant weather system is offshore. next one looks to be stronger than the last one. it shows no rain right now. when we come back tomorrow night at 10:00, showing rain in the north bay. i have the specifics, latest commuter model timing of the next strong storm. i'll see you in a few minutes. >>> a section of the great highway has to be shut down because of flooding in san francisco. new at 6:00, ktvu david stevenson is live in the city, in the trouble spots where the workers are keeping a close eye on tonight. david? >> that's right. the sandbags are the city's front lines against flooding, es specially in the neighborhood that was hit hard earlier this year. >> under gray skies and falling rain, san francisco's department of public works this morning rushed to release sandbags to residents. the city stockpile several hundred bags for distribution. >> given out approximately 200 sandbags so far. clearing catch basins and the areas flowing leaves.
: a moral, ethical and economic debate, does the death penalty help protect us? >> reporter: prop 34 would repeal the death penalty. instituting life without parole. retroactive for the 725 right now. a 17% undecided. but a trend just the last two weeks, yes, jumped 4 points to 45%. could prop 34 pass? >> that is unknown at this point but it stands a better chance today than three weeks ago. >> reporter: the cost argument, $100 million a year to keep it. there are strong arguments on both sides. >> what is the right punishment for the evil? it isn't just about the killer. >> it is about public policy. how do we spend, what keeps us safer? >> yes, it is cheaper to lock them up than to execute them. >> we waste a bunch of money either way. >> reporter: our poll found religious differences. catholics favorites it. prodstants oppose it -- pausestants oppose it. the bay area supports repealing the death penalty. southern areas of the state oppose it. don't forget to vote tuesday. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the november 6 election. there is word
a priority, we're told two times the patrols are used, private security and officers already assigned to the downtown area. >> i think it brings out a side that residents knew about, that maybe outside wasn't as widely known. >> i think it's revived the whole seen. >> is the events began five minutes ago, and runs until 10:00 p.m. they have shut down telegraph, we're standing in the middle of it. reporting live, ktvu news. >> the lags jobs report before the election was released today, new labor department figures show employers added a larger than expected 171,000 jobs across a broad spectrum last month. but even so, the unemployment rate went up from 7.8 to 7.9%. analysts say that containment because more people jumped back into the labor department. this new jobs report is considered the last snapshot of the any before the tuesday elections. >>> new figures show california ranks 10 in the country when it comes to long commute times. california motor motorists spends an afternoon of 27 minutes to travel to -- average of 27 minutes to travel to work. on average, americans spends almo
of the level of activity still going on out here. that vacuum truck they've been using to suck mud out of the sewer grates gist arrived here. neighbors hope it stays that way. they want neighbors to shore up that hillside before that next roundover rains hits the bay area. we're live here in the bay area. christien kafton, ktvu news. >>> what a difference 12 hours makes. take a look, this is what news chopper 2 saw when it flew over head this morning. you can see mud is completely covered lusane avenue. and this is what we spotted just about an hour ago. a days worth of clean up has made a dramatic difference, the street is visible now you can see the payment and all the traffic markings as well. >> the broken water main is part of the reservoir system that sits on a hill above the neighborhood. the muddy mess presents two major concerns. tom vacar joins us live to tell us what needs to be done before the rain arrives. >> reporter: the hillside overlooking this community is best described by a single phrase, naturally unstable and getting worse. while crews clean below, above a massive
9.85 an hour. >> we deserve more and i believe wal-mart should pay us more. >> reporter: wal-mart says its turnover rate is lower than the national retail average and that their benefit plans are as good or better than their competitors. >> we are here to respect wal- mart employees. >> reporter: the protest is part of a buildup to a plan beginning thanksgiving night and through black friday. some employees say they will walk off the jobs. in the bay area, the wal-mart stores targeted for demonstrations are in fairfield, richmond, and san jose. >> i plan to walk out on black friday too. >> wal-mart has the right to make money, but they shouldn't do that in an unjust fashion. they should make sure their employees are paid fairly and justly and don't live on the edge of desperation. >> reporter: wal-mart maintains it will be business as usual at all its stores and that shoppers will see nothing unusual over the next few days. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> shelters around the bay area are opening their doors to those in need this thanksgiving and a growing number of them ar
, or a laptop for just $200. one man told us it worked out well for him, because he went with a plan. at liver mother's new paragon outlet stores. it is the first outlet mall to open here in california in more than 10 years. it's expected to create 2,000 permanent jobs, on top of hundreds more seasonal positions. >>> store sales indicate a 2.3% increase so far for black friday compared to last year, and on-line sales have jumped about 20%. overall, holiday spending is expected to grow by 4.1%. all of that shopping enthusiasm spread to the stock market today. the dow shot up more than 170 points, and the nasdaq was up more than 40 points. there is a dark side, though, to this black friday. coming up, how thieves use this big shopping down to rip people off. >> rescue crews pulled five people from a yacht taking on water on san francisco bay. also on board, a dog, cat, and snake. the yacht was about 300 yards north of the berkeley peer. the largest vessel in this video is the one in trouble. three people stayed on board as it was towed. no one was injured, and everyone was wearing a life jacket.
near water ways. ken pritchett brings us the preparations. >> reporter: the waves in the past hour have picked up a bit but the story as you said could be the winds with this first round of storm. the national weather service issuing a gail wind warning with winds topping 60 miles per hour. bradford jet was going after crab at ocean beat today. >> there's one on there can you tell. >> reporter: and he was having some luck getting in some last minute crabbing before the storm. >> a friend of mine just told me there's a storm coming. he's trying to baton down the hatches in the east bay. >> reporter: we found surfers doing what they could before the weather turns. the coast guard is urging boaters to ensure boats are secure . this crew workers was making sure leaves were up before tomorrow's storm. >> we're picking them up. if they fall we pick them up again. >> reporter: hundredsover storm drains were being cleared to prevent flooding it'll be all hands on deck tomorrow. >> we have the crews on call. nobody is going to get a day off tomorrow. we want to make sure we can get to the proble
in front of us. we've been getting a steady dose of rain in the last 90 minutes at least that we've been here and, in fact, in just the last few minutes or so, the rain has really picked up. you might be able to see it on your careen here. we want to show you one of the things we're seeing all over the bay area really in this case here on the onramp to northbound 101 we have a -- a crosswalk that's essentially under water at this point, not anything too serious, but we can tell you the roads are slick. it has led to a number of wrecks all over the bay area from the east bay to the peninsula and we're watching out for that, of course, again tonight as the commute is not quite yet over. one thing we talk today people about who are walking through all of this stuff today they do point out it's not especially cold. in some cases it felt a little humid or warm. right now we're kind of in the feels like mid 50s out here but again the rain starting to pick up and something we'll be keeping an eye on all night. live here in marin county, channel 2 news. >>> rain in the bay area usually means sno
department into investigating as to whether there is a link. when debra rodriguez walked us through the blackened basement of her home she said she felt anger and more. debra rents out this home but no one was living here last night. fire investigators determined it started down stairs. >> the fire appears to be incendiary. >> reporter: vallejo has had several arson fires in recent days. last thursday the village nightclub was set afire and gutted. >> hopefully they catch them soon. i don't want anybody being in a same position. out of a business or out of a home because of this gentleman who decided to excite himself with a fire. >> reporter: the bar was one of three properties involved in suspicious fires all within a 12 hour time span and always close to one another. last night's house fire was nearby. >> there's some similarities that look consistent with the other fires we've had. >> reporter: police are investigating whether there is a link. >> it's dangerous. we've been very fortunate that nonone has been hurt. i want to capitalize on that good fortune. >> reporter: vallejo p
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12